The Arizona Rules Are BACK.
Size up any market in 60 seconds. Crank out bigger profits on stocks, futures, and forex. Trade live with a 12-year veteran of the markets, on a system tested over 7 years.

I am obsessed with helping traders to trade for a living from home. This webinar series will help you do that. Not only do you get hours of live trading instruction, but you also get 365 days of support and lessons on how to trade for a living, and trade alerts EVERY DAY to help you earn while you learn. You can register now for a huge discount - grab the discount here.

Dear Trader,

I want you to be able to size up any market - to say "buy!" or "sell!" - in 60 seconds. On any stock. On the S&P e-minis. On the EUR/USD.

I want you to trade with the confidence of a thousand ninja warriors. Or like a hedge fund manager who makes $50 million/year. I want you to never doubt the positions you take.

Perhaps you've experienced the heartbreak and aggravation from not making as much from trading as you know you can and should. From having confidence at the wrong time. Or losing confidence in your trading right at the moment when the market presents its best opportunity. Here's an email I received just a week ago:

Rob, I lost 5 times in a row. I knew my system. I had tested my ssystem (sic) and knew that it would eventually win. But I got scared off from the losses so I stopped trading. I even felt better when I stopped. And then you know what happened next. The next three trades in a row were HUGE winners. And I missed every one of them. I hate myself for missing those trades. Can you help me?

My response is YES! I can help you! I can teach you to do that - to NEVER BACK DOWN FROM THE TRADES YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO TAKE.

In the last 12 years, I have taught more than 10,000 traders to trade more profitably, more confidently, more consistently. I have managed, and lost, and gained a lot of money in the markets. I started trading 12 years ago for the same reasons you want to trade. I got frustrated and lost money for the same reasons as everyone else. And I found that the #1 cause of underperformance as a trader is THE LACK OF CONFIDENCE.

You gain confidence in your trading when you know when to pull the trigger. When you look at the market and jump at the trade because you know it's ready. When you don't care if you just lost 4 times in a row, or 10 times in a row, because you know that what you are doing is the right thing to do and it will eventually pay off. Every trader has periods of time when they lose. Most traders give up or screw everything up during these losing streaks.

I want you to stay strong and make a crapload of money.

So I've completely revised my world-famous Arizona Rules. I taught these rules to over 2,000 traders from 2005-2007. Then I moved on to other systems.

In the last 5 years, I've received hundreds of emails asking when I will teach these rules again. I received an offer of $17,000 up front from John Wiley & Sons to publish a book about them. But I tore up the check and never wrote the book.


Because I only teach something about trading when I am absolutely passionate about it. I only teach it when I am so revved up and ready to go that I cannot stand it anymore. And now is that time. I have been working on some special enhancements to the rules, and I am ready to teach them.

The Arizona Rules Webinar Series will SELL OUT at $1,500 per student. But until Midnight Eastern US Time on May 2, you can get the webinar series for $999 - a huge discount.

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Why would I do this? Because I want to grow a giant community of successful and outrageously happy traders. I want to offer exclusive bonuses and content and lessons that you cannot get anywhere else.

Course Overview

Here's what we'll cover in the webinar series:

How to size up a chart in 60 seconds:

No matter what you trade - stocks, futures, or forex - I will teach you to size up the market in 60 seconds or less. You'll be able to get a bias for the direction of that market and start planning trades right away.

How to short-term trend trade any curreny pair:

Pick any curreny pair - I'll teach you a method for short term trading it with the trend using the Phoenix Phase and the Goodyear Trade - a brand new way to trade with the trend on the short term charts.

How to trend-trade stocks for HUGE gains:

This is the year of the trend - just look at Apple in 2012 - and I will teach you how to plan for and trade with the trend, even if you miss out on the early entries. It is not too late to catch some of the really big moves this year. We'll look at the stocks poised for the biggest gains in 2012.

We'll also cover:

How to Identify and Trade the Range
Short-term futures trading (S&P e-minis)
The Mesa+ Trade
The Yuma Phase Counter-Trend Trades
The Tucson Phase (Divergence

And that's not all.
We'll talk about psychology, money management, trading stories, how to set up your day to trade the Arizona Rules with your schedule and much more.

And that's still not everthing.

I've been working with an iPhone developer to bring you the TFL365 Trade Alert App - an app which will show you charts and Arizona Rules trade setups on stocks, futures, and forex every day. The app will be available on June 1 and you'll get a free YEAR of access to it just for being part of the course. If the App is a success and I find that you're using it a lot - then we'll expand it to work on the iPad, and the Android platform also (but let's do one thing at a time!).

Now is the time to grab your spot:

I'll see you in the webinar series.


Webinar series begins May 15, 2012
3 webinars, 1.5 hours each
All sessions recorded and archived
Seating is limited
Daily trade alerts for 12 months
Lifetime access to recorded sessions
Price rises to $1,500 after May 2
TFL365 Trade Alerts iPhone App
TFL365 Discount Offer Expires May 1
Topics Covered
How to set up the AZ Rules on any chart
The 4 Phases of the Market
The New H-Diamondback Trade
The Trend Trades - Scottsdale + Mesa
The Mesa+ Trade
The Ranging Trades - Tucson Phase
4 Ranging Market Strategies for Stocks
The Counter-Trend (YUMA) Phase
Trading Options on the Tombstone trade
AZ Rules for Short-Term Forex
AZ Rules for S&P E-minis
AZ Rules for Stocks
And much more