A Side of Bitcoin with Your Burrito

Chipotle is setting the bar high for future National Burrito Day exploits.

The company is teaming with Stefan Thomas, founder and CEO of Coil on a new game called “Burritos or Bitcoin.”  The game encourages users to conduct a “chiptocurrency” mission to crack the code of a digital wallet.  Each player has 10 chances to guess a valid six-digit code for a chance to win a free burrito or up to $25K in Bitcoin. 

According to the company, 10,000 fans will win one free burrito, 50 fans will win $500 in Bitcoin and three fans will win $25K in Bitcoin. 

The game is an ode to Thomas’s story from earlier this year, in which he admitted to forgetting the password to the $387 million in Bitcoin locked in his digital wallet. (To date, he still hasn’t figured it out.)

The 10 chances in the Chipotle game are inspired by Thomas’s dilemma of having a hard drive that gave him 10 chances to access his digital wallet before its contents were wiped clean.

The contest goes live on April 1 at 12 p.m. EDT and ends at 9 p.m. EDT the same day. A player can participate via the burritosorbitcoin.com website and no product purchase is necessary.

Chipotle stated this promotion is the first produced by a restaurant chain that included cryptocurrency as a prize.

Chipotle has been raising its media profile with new endeavors including an investment in the $500 million Series C funding round for Nuro, an autonomous delivery service, the opening of its first Canadian location since 2018, and its first Super Bowl commercial.

The company is also expanding its “Chipotlanes” drive-thru service options and is testing digital-only restaurants. The company opened its first Chipotle Digital Kitchen focusing only on pick-up and delivery last November near the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.