Apple’s East Coast Campus

Apple has just announced big plans for a new East Coast campus in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. 

The company will spend over $1 billion on the campus and expects to employ 3,000 people in the technology, software engineering and machine learning sectors. 

The expansion will be loaded in North Carolina’s “Research Triangle” area, which is named for nearby North Carolina State University, Duke University and the University of North Carolina. 

Apple has strong ties to Duke University. CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams have MBAs from Duke, and senior vice president Eddy Cue is a Duke graduate as well. 

The new campus is a sign of Apple’s commitment to expansion beyond it’s California headquarters. The company is opening a $1 billion campus in Austin, TX next year. 

Hiring for the East Coast campus is expected to start immediately. The company plans to lease local office space to accommodate new workers until construction on the 1,000,000 square foot campus is completed.

“Even in a pandemic, North Carolina has been on a run with 10 companies and thousands of new jobs in both rural and urban North Carolina announced within just the last two months. Well it’s about to be 11 and this may be the biggest of them all,” Gov. Roy Cooper said.

Apple is joining other Silicon Valley tech companies that are expanding outside the Bay Area to access to a larger pool of talent in response to the high cost of living in the region. 

Oracle, Google, and Amazon are moving their headquarters. Oracle is moving to Austin and Google is opening a new campus in New York City. Amazon’s second headquarters is located in Arlington, VA. 

Apple’s expansion is taking place in other various cities as well, including San Diego & Culver City, CA, Seattle, WA, and Boulder, CO. The company is planning to add 20,000 jobs in the US over the next five years. 

Currently, Apple has over 147,000 full-time employees.