Don’t Trade Fridays

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Whoa, that is springy. Hey, everybody. Welcome, it’s Friday. As you know, I am not a fan of trading on Fridays. Anyway, so I thought I would come up with a list of 10 things that you can do on Friday instead of trading.

Number one, adopt a puppy. There are long-term consequences to adopting a puppy, so maybe adopting a puppy is not the best idea. Yeah, no adopting of a puppy. Wait, I need that.

Okay. Number two, you could watch a movie. Watching a movie is a great idea, because it will take tons of time out of your day, and you will not be able to trade during that time. You might watch something like … Well, there aren’t any really movies that I would recommend to you right now. That’s not a really good one.

Number three, you might help a friend in need. Say, your friend was falsely accused of a crime. Maybe he was at a drive-in movie, and maybe he stabbed somebody with a knife because your gang and their gang were against … This is basically the plot of the movie The Outsiders, which I love, so maybe, going back, that would be the movie you could watch, but you probably don’t have any friends that stabbed anybody at a drive-in movie. That probably doesn’t work either.

You could eat a lot of Starbucks donuts and get so sick to yourself that you won’t really want to do anything, including trading. It’s possible that I have a Starbucks-related problem.

Number five, number five was just go to Starbucks, so that kind of turns up twice on the list. Not relevant.

Number six, catch up on your vendettas. Maybe you have someone that owes you money, and you could go shake them down for the money. Maybe you want to get revenge on some … This is not really a nice thing to do, so that’s probably not going to happen either. I don’t know why i would rec … Doesn’t matter.

Number seven, you could go buy an iPhone X. I kind of refuse to call it the iPhone 10, because it’s an X. If they wanted it to be 10, they’d just write the number 10. I actually did preorder that. It should come in sometime in December of 2021.

Number eight, practice your Fight Club moves. That’s a good idea. I think I might need to do a little bit of that right now.

Speaker 2: (Singing).

Speaker 1: Number nine, which is my favorite answer, why don’t you just trade anyway? All this arbitrary don’t trade on this day, do trade on that day probably doesn’t matter anyway. Have the best Friday, everybody. I’ll see you next week.


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