Ep. 6: Scott, The Man Who Makes $1,000 a Day with a Trading Robot

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Scott Heywood lives in Brisbane, Australia. He quit his full time job in May. And he’s making about $1,000 a day, just with algorithmic trading. This podcast episode is his story.

After attempting to make money from the currency market from “discretionary trading,” Scott started running trading robots in June of 2015. He started with a paper trading account. Then, when he felt comfortable, he began using the robots on a small live, real money account. By the end of 2015, he had made back the money he’d lost in his previous trading experiences. And much more than that.

In 2016, Scott put more money into his robot trading accounts, and now trades 18 currency pairs using a version of my “Finch” Robot. That’s a robot that looks for short-term divergences – in other words, discrepancies between the movement of price and the momentum at which it’s moving. These robots aren’t perfect – but they’re working for Scott. 

Here are some screen shots from Scott’s account right now:

Finch Robot Open Trades
These are Scott’s current open trades. Click to expand.

As you can see – trading with robots carries risk, and Scott’s currently got some losing trades. But with thousands of closed trades, and thousands of hours of testing, Scott knows how to deal with this sort of thing.

Recent closed trades by the Finch robot

Recent trades closed by Scott’s “Plutus Finch” Robot.


Scott’s website:

Information on the Finch Robot:


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