What are the “robots”?
Rob (and his associate Wes) built a bunch of trading robots. They are mostly used to trade the currency (forex) market. You can get more information here.

What is the “Finch”?
The Finch is Rob’s favorite robot. It takes trades based on “Knoxville Divergence,” an indicator that Rob created in 2013. We named it “The Finch” because it reminds us of a famous softball pitcher named Jennie Finch. You can learn more about the Finch robot and how it runs here.

Why does Rob’s trading account show a bunch of open losing trades?
The Finch robot will have what is called a “drawdown,” or a series of open trades that are losing money. This is “unrealized loss.” These trades usually turn around and go into profit on their own. Rob is rarely concerned about these losses, because they represent a small percentage of his trading account.

How can I copy Rob’s trades?
Rob offers a free trade copy service. If you live outside the United States, it is completely free – here’s your link to sign up. If you live inside the United States, there is a $28 monthly fee for the service (this is a software fee and none of that goes to Rob). Here is the link for U.S. residents.

How can I get trade alerts on my phone?
Rob uses Telegram Messenger to send alerts to your phone about new trades, live broadcasts, webinars, and more. Click here for instructions on getting set up.

How can I send a text message to Rob?
Text 304-281-8332. You can use WhatsApp or your regular messaging program on your computer.

Can I have a phone call with Rob?

Will Rob teach me about online business?
Rob did a ton of podcast episodes about online business right here.

I can’t hear the audio on the webinar. What should I do?
Log out and log back in. Make sure your speakers are on. If that does not work, it is possible that you have a weak internet connection. We’re sorry that you had trouble getting the sound to work.

I don’t like Facebook. Rob should not use it.
We understand that you don’t like Facebook and that it’s a dirty violator of privacy. If you don’t like it, we don’t require you to have it. If Rob does a Facebook Live broadcast, you can watch it even through an incognito or private window.

How can I listen to Rob’s podcast?
Rob’s podcast is available on iTunes here. And Soundcloud here. And Stitcher here. And there are over 500 episodes of the Trader’s Podcast (the older one) available here.

How can I learn more about the robots or lifetime membership?
You can learn about the robots here. And the lifetime membership here.

How can I get Rob’s indicators on my charts?
You can get Rob’s indicators for TradingView.com here.

How can I get access to Rob’s chat room?
The Chat Room is included as part of the Lifetime Membership.

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