How Long Does it Take to Succeed…?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question – it’s what everybody wants an answer to.

“How long is it going to take to succeed in my trading?”

It’s always the same old story: They’ve learned my system and want to know when they can finally quit their jobs.

It’s a good question.

The definition of a successful trader is someone who makes a little bit of money and then keeps it. So, here’s how the journey works: You just need to focus on making that first dollar. 

And once you do that, go ahead and make $2, then $3, and then $4 – in that order. Now hold onto that money and do it again next year.

If you can make some money and keep it, that’s the heart of everything that will come later.

So, to answer your earlier question – I DON’T KNOW! It may take you two years to quit your job or a month for you to get fired, there is no definite time frame to success.

The point is, once you make and keep profit, you can start scaling up your trade size. 

The only real question that should matter to you is “ How are you going to protect your trading account and grow it small amounts at a time?”

Most people can’t do it, but if you can then you’re on the right track. Happy trading everyone!