Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

The question has plagued the internet for many years. What are your thoughts? 

Seriously, I know this isn’t the biggest question facing the world right now, but maybe while

we’re all inside doing nothing, we can finally solve this conundrum.

Let the internet debating begin!


I find myself going back to this video time and again.

You know why? Because the excuses traders make will never die.

Whether you think your strategy is broken, whether you say you don’t have enough time,

whatever excuse you’re making, cut it out! 

Because here’s the thing: the problem is probably you. It was for me! 

But the good news is, if the problem is you, you’re the one who can fix it! 


What can you get for $5?

I discovered this crazy idea,

If you send me $5 I will send you a trade idea that could potentially give you 3x, 5x or even 10x return.

We’ve seen gains like 529%, 651%, 730% and even larger!

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Booker Bite

My team is working on something I’m really excited about, focusing on a trend I’m seeing in forex

that could let us execute predictable, big-money trades every seven days! 

But I’ll get those details to you when I can.

In the meantime…


Things I Bought on Amazon

I got this thing called “Paperlike.”

It’s like a screen protector for your iPad, but it’s designed to have the feel of paper as you write on it.

I can’t wait to try it out. I think my daughter Olivia is pretty excited, too! 

CLICK HERE to check it out


I Love the Heck Outta You!, 



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