Markay Says Hello!

Hi! this is Markay Latimer!

If you haven’t met me, you can watch me in this short video with Rob Booker…

Or if you’d like to see more about what I do, you can catch a longer presentation from us here.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know me!

I am thrilled to be working with Rob Booker and sharing the strategies that helped me go from a dead-end job to a professional trader in a matter of months.

I have two big passions in life:

I love my family, and I would do anything for my kids. In fact, the reason I started training was actually so I could go to med school and become a doctor to help support them.

But that led me to my second passion: trading. When I began to understand chart analysis and realized that I could really do this, and be good at it, well… I left the med school dreams behind because I recognized that I could do more good teaching others to trade like me than I could by joining the med school ranks (although they are incredible! I’m so thankful for them, especially right now!)

But I’m not your typical day trader.

I’m not scanning the headlines looking for companies that might be going under, or listening to Jim Cramer hoping for a tip that will turn me onto a commodity that’s about to explode.

My analysis is focused on the charts. Using the cold, hard data of stock charts, I place trades that are based on research, not on emotion.

It was that set of skills that helped me grow my initial account — $2,000 I cobbled together with help from my mom and sister — to over $2 million in just over two years.

It was that set of skills that led me to a form of trading that is so simple that I can teach it to my kids, who have accounts themselves!

And it was that set of skills that put me on Rob’s radar, and led to him calling me the best stock picker he has ever seen!

So that’s me in a nutshell, and that’s what I’m about.

Thank you for taking this time to get to know me. I would love to continue working with you!

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I look forward to ***CHART***ing a new way forward with you all (sometimes I like to be corny like Rob).

I hope you have the most incredible day!