Talk to your doctor or your mom (or both) before you try anything I talk about here.

Morning Drink

I drink this a couple of times per week.
1 – Beet
5 – 7 Beet leaves
8 oz filtered alkaline water (9.5 – 10.5 alkaline) (If not alkaline squeeze 1 lemon in filtered water)
4 tsp –  C – Salts buffered Vitamin C (=16,000mg)
1 large scoop of Ground Flax seed
10 – Apricot seeds
1 – Banana (optional, if you are avoiding sugar eliminate this)
1 cup mixed frozen fruit (Optional – Lots of sugar)
1 – scoop ISOPURE Natural Protein powder
1 large scoop of Nutritional Yeast

1 – tbls coconut oil

Then I take this: 500 mg Magnesium (pill form)

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