Ep. 42: The 10,000 Hour Rule of Trading

BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODES ABOUT THIS EPISODE In this episode: Does the 10,000-Hour Rule apply to trading? What if you spent 3 hours a

New Robot: The Flash Crash Finch

THE FLASH CRASH FINCH ROBOT (VIDEO) ABOUT THIS RECORDING My new forex robot is called “The Flash Crash Finch” and it trades only when the market

Ep. 16: Small Trading Accounts Matter (a Lot!)

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Today I consider the question: Is it easier to “take trading seriously” with a larger account? The answer is: If you can’t

Ep. 10: Meet Chad, the Brand New Robotic Trader

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Chad wrote me and asked 9 really good questions about robot trading. I decided to call him up and answer his questions. You’ll