Telegram Levels Up

Telegram will finally support group video calls after an iOS update slated for release in May. The company originally planned to add the video call feature to its service in 2020, but the feature has been delayed. Telegram did, however, add end-to-end encrypted one-on-one video calls in August 2020. 

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced the update in his personal Telegram channel. 

Durov wrote that the video calls will have: screen sharing, encryption, noise-canceling, desktop and tablet support, all features expected of a modern conferencing app, but with Telegram level speed and encryption. 

Telegram currently offers end-to-end encryption on its one-on-one video calling, and it is expected to be a feature on the group service as well. 

The company has significantly grown during the pandemic, taking advantage of the shift to working from home and the desire to stay connected securely. 

Telegram announced it reached 400 million monthly active users in April 2020, up from 200 million in 2018.  Some of that is a direct result of its competitor, WhatsApp, faltering on how it communicated its new privacy policy to customers, which inspired some users to the Facebook-owned app for Telegram. 

WhatsApp, however, does currently offer end-to-end encrypted group video calls.  The company added the feature in 2018.