The Great Ketchup Shortage

An unexpected side-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic can be found in the form of a missing condiment in your kitchen. 

Ketchup is becoming more difficult to find in recent weeks due to restaurants relying heavily on takeout orders to survive during the pandemic, which caused the need for more ketchup packets. 

But once those started running low, some restaurants started pouring out bulk containers into individual cups. 

And now some folks are selling ketchup packets on eBay. 

Several listings for the sauce appeared on the website since reports that restaurants are struggling to get ahold of it broke. 

Close to 20 batches of 50 packets recently sold for $9.99 each in one listing. 

Another listing offered 100 packets for $11.00 or 250 for $17.29. 

One order showed two sales of 500 packets for $28.95 each. 

Prices for ketchup packets have risen 13% since January 2020 amid increased demand, and Heinz, the largest producer in the market, is having a hard time catching up. 

The company is urging restaurants to be patient while it works to increase manufacturing in an attempt to make more than 12 billion packets a year. 

Some consumers are taking matters into their own hands by attempting to make ketchup at home. 

If you’re looking for a good recipe, there are over 119,000,000 recipes available according to a quick Google search.