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Can We Control the Market?

Happy Tuesday everyone, long-time no talk! I’ve been doing a ton of research, study, looking into other trading systems, and

The Trick to Trading

As I get older, I realize that I keep learning the same darn things… And I’ve had this particular lesson

Live To Trade (Another Day)

Hey, have you seen my music video?! HA! What a ridiculous thing that was to type. But we made one.

At the Wheel

Arrogance can be a really deadly thing for traders. This happens all the time, to all of us: we get

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How to Find Monster Trades

  • What instruments we find these trades on
  • How the "Librarian" trade can locate the biggest reversal moves
  • How to spot 20 to 1 Reward:Risk trades
  • The 3 elements to a monster trade
  • Why overall market sentiment or trend doesn’t matter for monster trading
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