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Rob’s Vital Call With Markay

Rob just got back from crashing Markay Latimer’s vacation, but he had an urgent issue he had to discuss with

Learn the MACD and RSI from Mike

Mike Burnick sits in paradise all day and trades stocks like a mastermind. But he’s a technical genius, so we’re

Stuck in Seattle!

The world is a wild and crazy place right now… I mean, heck, six square blocks of Seattle, one of

A Very Special Birthday…

Hey everybody!! So a very special birthday is approaching this weekend! And older than anyone alive today, they’ll be turning

The Big MACD Recipe!

If you missed our weekly educational training from this week, we covered the powerful MACD indicator. Learn about how Rob

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How to Find Monster Trades

  • What instruments we find these trades on
  • How the "Librarian" trade can locate the biggest reversal moves
  • How to spot 20 to 1 Reward:Risk trades
  • The 3 elements to a monster trade
  • Why overall market sentiment or trend doesn’t matter for monster trading
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